The Lost Children

The Lost Children
A beginning

As we started our campaign, The Lost Children were put on a ship to save them from the demon hordes that were attacking their homes. After sailing for a time, they encountered a storm that wrecked the ship. After sitting in a life boat for sometime, they were picked up by a pleasure ship and made to sign a repayment contract.

On their travels, they came across an ancient outpost. After letting 3 “Kobalds?” go, and clearing the outpost, they receive ownership and the Kobalds agree to bring their clan to help rebuild and maintain the outpost while the children are gone. In the lowest level in a secret crypt, the party came across a ghost. He gave them some insight into how to release him.

Upon returning to their contract holder, one of the characters finds he is a ancient relative and that he is the head of the family line when an ancient family heirloom reacts to him.


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