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As we start The Lost Children, all characters will be the children of parents who were in an adventuring group together and decided to settle down in Talorn. They retire from adventuring after making some money and start families and undertook professions. As their children have grown, they have taught them their class skills and professions.

All characters will be at the age of just being able to leave their parents and start out on their own. If all players are willing to chose to play humans, there will be a bonus for this. If not, players are welcome to pick any core race or featured race. All core classes and prestige classes, for later multi-classing, will be allowed, except any to do with fire arms.

The story starts out with Talorn being attacked by an overwhelming unknown force. The parents of the adventurers place them on a ship whose captain they have known for many years and consider a close friend. The captain will take them along with him to his destination and will reunite parents and children if possible.

After a few months of travel, the ship will be lost and the children will be the only survivor to make landfall. The adventurers will have nothing but the clothes on their backs and the skills they have learned. They will need to find a way to support themselves.

A profession will be required, for which players will get a free skill point. Also, if players take a craft skill that coincides with their profession, that will also be a free skill point. Craft skills will not be used to start with, and may not be used at all. However, as long as we use the profession skill, when characters advance in level, their profession and craft skills will be free.

Characters will all start out knowing each other as their parents will have kept very close over the years before the attack. Any social class for parents and number of siblings will be fine. However at the time of the attack, the characters will be the only ones in Talorn with their parents.

We will use the same ability score roll method as before

It will be several months before I will be able to run the group, so we have time to answer questions and make possible changes if need be.

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